About Us



  The  Collection was born in 1996. Its founders, with whom it shares its name, driven by the love for the world of art and fashion, decided to follow a dream and created timeless designs to share their vision of how museum quality jewelry, heirloom treasures would adore and accent a women’s grandeur and elegance. Their creativity took shape through the hands of artisans from places like Bali, Jaipur, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Vicenza, who brought Gir’s imagination to life through their skills, telling the story through jewels set in gold & Silver that truly become works of art.


Every piece in the collection reflects the skills of the artisans that have been handed down from generation to generation. The magical signature of the collection is inspired by the family heirloom pieces. The inner finish of each piece is intricate and based on nature and architecture. Different aspects of these are employed to construct the motifs, which are immortalized in each collection.

 The collection is a luxury line of exquisite jewelry in sterling silver & gold, featuring precious and semi-precious stones like diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, pearls, peridot, blue topaz, citrine, onyx, turquoise, and garnet

 The collection can be purchased at the flagship store inside “The South’s Grand Hotel” The Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. Visit our website www.gircollection.com or call 901-522-1116.